Monday, September 01, 2008


In the August-September issue of our Barangay Newsletter DENGUE was the headline! Dengue is one of the prevailing communicable diseases in our country today. "What this means that it can be transferred from person to person but only through a mosquito. Dengue is not made by the mosquito but transferred by it." Yikes!! Because of this our barangay asked me to provide them with 350 bottles of SHOO FLY DON'T BOTHER ME for their Dengue Seminars which they conducted over three days. Just for attending, one gets a FREE bottle of SHOO FLY sponsored by the Barangay. Not for anything else, I'm glad that our barangay took measures for awareness and prevention of Dengue. Sad to say, there have been 9 cases already. Thank God none were fatal. Better to be prepared right?

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