Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ohmigod! Just last night after my mom specifically laid down the rules for the baboy and is NOT ALLOWED to use any of the cars at all, he leaves and uses Pappy's car and goes out. My mom clearly said that that baboy CANNOT use the Honda City. Guess what? Tonight, my mom comes home from a dinner and that baboy is gone and so is the City. He is really that stupid. My mom's eyes were bulging out of anger. The thing is MOM should have kicked him out last night. With that kind of attitude, he is mentally ill and must be admitted to MANDALUYONG or a mental institution. Not the basement of Makati Med.

Grabe I don't understand why parents haven't done anything? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THEM!

On a lighter work related side, there was URGENT meeting at the MVA Clubhouse which I attended together with the incumbent officials and those running for Kagawads. Starting tomorrow until the 27th will be campaign period.

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