Wednesday, October 17, 2007

...1 SECOND...

Worried that if I leave the house, the baboy is going to hog the computer the whole day, I texted Pappy telling him about the little predicament. I was waiting for an email from one of my running mates regarding the voters list. It's an important thing. I had to pick up Luis from school at 4:30pm, get a check from Polo and bum for a while until Tita Marivic has to go then go home. I know it's absurd that it has to go to that extent but it's the only way. Got home and true enough the baboy was on the pc.

Had to do some PWD invites and send messages to those who could come. Next thing I know it was dinner time. I come down for dinner and my mom was ranting away with the baboy. I didn't care less what they were talking about until my mom said "I'm giving you 15 seconds to answer or you get out of this house! Pack up and leave." I was counting loudly in my head while spooning my soup, my eyes were full of excitement. I was cheering my mom on and already thinking of what a joy it would be without that prick. How the maids wouldn't have to complain about his one loaf a day, 1 kilo of pasta noodles...oh this could go on forever. Then the dreaded answer which wasn't even an answer. If I were my mom I would have thrown the bowl at that baboy and shove him out the door. Then again, poor bowls, it was a Noritake.

Still it was not even a REAL answer. It was as stupid as he is that I forgot it already. Then my mom makes him write down what they supposedly agreed on. Stuff like I wont put sugar in my iced tea. I will only take diet drinks. Really stupid. Then when my mom told him about the smoking it took that prick another hour to write it down. Then my mom starts ranting about smoking causes Cancer blah blah blah... Sayang lang laway mo dyan. He is stupid he doesn't understand those things. I wanted to get out the table as fast as I could but I knew what was coming... my mom will start ranting about me. She even asked Luis to go upstairs. Here it goes...

I roll up my eyes and start playing with my dessert knife. Then the long talk of my mom that I have heard over and over again. How it pains her that her children don't talk to each other. That even if we eat dinner out blah blah... Accept it mom, it's the way it's going to be. No one likes to be around that baboy. Haven't you noticed in all the family gatherings that that baboy is all alone drowning himself in his pathetic corner with a can DIET COKE??

I on the other hand always position myself at the head of the table as to block away pathetic people like him. Then he has no choice but to sit by himself. I'm sure my mom notices that already. On Friday there will be mass and dinner after for Lola Manchi's death anniversary and the 21st for Tito Tiny's birthday. Thank God that baboy is not going... then later i'm pretty sure my parents will pity him...awww poor thing. WTF!!!

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