Friday, October 19, 2007


8:45a.m. the Barangay van picks me up for my meeting at Bel-Air with the MPWDF (Makati PWDs Federation) with other Makati Barangays. Vicky joins me and later on Susan. I'm greeted by Architect Silva and Lalaine G, the heads of the federations. TOPIC: Accessibility. A discussion and forum all in one. It was good because I was able to meet the heads of the different PWD Heads. Then we can collaborate on future activities. Mental note, have to appoint officers.

12nn we pass by the office to submit a project by OPERATION SMILE which will happen some time this November. I hope it doesn't get lost with all the election hullabaloo's. I have to remind Leah and Chat to post it in the gates and poster areas by next week.

I thought I could rest a bit before picked up Luis from school and take him to football. I get a call and make plans about campaign materials. Pappy came home just in time because I needed to use driver to have flyer's made. Vicky called from her cab. I tell her to go home and that I would pick her up and we would go and have the flyer's made. It's a good thing I did 1:30pm a bomb exploded in the mall. Not just any mall, it was in Glorietta. Vicky was suppose to kill time before me meet in that mall. Can you imagine??

Let's pray for those who have been hurt and the families of those who lost a loved one.

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