Monday, October 15, 2007


It's been quite some time since Luis played football because of his schedule of classes that were disrupted due to the recent typhoons that have hit our country. Also, since he has his religion class which ends during his football days. The most he can do is once a week. However, I was being a bad momma and let him skip religion and go to football instead. Bad me I know...but give the kid a break and let him his ...

Luis was asked to join the Honda Cup in Alabang over the weekend. I was bit unsure because Luis really hasn't been playing. Like he hasn't played in months...But we still decided to go. We were picked up by M who heads the academy.

6 teams joined and only 7 players showed up for the Boys Born 1998-1999. After loosing two games, I felt sorry for the boys, but after their 5-0 score, the boys got their confidence back which led them to victory. No substitutes, and only 7 players, they bested the other teams in their category. Champions!!

Many thanks to Coach Tata and Coach Jonathan, a big thank you for encouraging the kids to play their best, and most of all, to have fun in the process.

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