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MEANWHILE By Michelle Katigbak
Friday, September 7, 2007

This column I write with a smile on face as I proudly announce the debut album of an amazing band consisting of three of my personal friends. Indeed, those of you familiar with the live band scene will already know by now that the high-energy punk rock trio Overtone has released its debut independent album entitled “From Inside the Fishbowl” to an excited and eager throng of fans and admirers.

Now, for those of you not too familiar with the latest on the live band circuit (it’s time to get up and head out to support our local independent music industry!), Overtone is an amazing, fun and energetic punk rock group that has been entertaining punk and alternative audiences for over three years now. Consisting of Norby David on bass, Jay Padua on guitar and Frank de Castro on drums, Overtone has been consistently playing the bar scene, dishing out rock and alternative songs and gaining a loyal following of fans and friends and fans turned friends (myself included). More recently over the last year, Overtone has added a new dimension to their music, infusing a punk vibe into most of their songs and turning traditional alternative songs into something new and interesting.

Indeed, the punk slant actually added a new facet to their music and, if you ask me, also helped make it that much more fun as well. In fact, one of the reasons I think an Overtone gig is fun is not just because the music is insightful and catchy, but at the same time the group is so high-energy and — dare I say it — electric! I get tired myself just watching them jump around the stage and play their instruments with such fervor I feel like smoke might start coming out of them. It’s a whole experience and you can see that Overtone truly lives the music that they are playing.

All coming from professional musical backgrounds, the three boys of Overtone have had experience playing with bands of all genres and different artists as well but they finally went back to their roots to produce music that they not only have fun with, but are passionate about as well. Which brings me back to their debut offering, “From Inside the Fishbowl,” an incredible CD consisting of 12 original songs infused with their varying rock, punk and alternative styles. It’s not only catchy and addictive, but meaningful, too.

“The songs cover topics that most people can relate to,” Frank says of their lineup. “Though a lot of the topics are serious, the songs present them in an energetic and fun way.” Norby concurs, adding, “On the CD I’m sure that at least two songs will hit you dead-on!”

I completely agree with them. I have already given the CD more than a few spins and while listening to lyrics I’ve found myself thinking, “Oh, my goodness, this song is so appropriate for (either myself or someone I know).” It’s good because every song on the disc not only entertains, but can also reach out. “We not only want to have people up dancing and singing to our songs, which we love and enjoy, but we also want to have songs with a message and meaning,” Jay concludes.

And meaningful the songs are. The 12 originals are all laced with their respective rock, alternative or punk influences and are catchy and fun. From the quick beats of Totally Mental, to the fast pace of Comic Book Hero, to the more laid-back vibe of Cut You Off, all the tracks have their own distinct flavor. My personal favorite keeps changing every time I listen to the disc; but I have to say I really love Totally Mental, Rule #1 Wag Mong Aaminin, Comic Book Hero and I’m Not a Psychic. I even know all the lyrics! And I couldn’t be happier for my friends Norby, Jay and Frank who worked really hard on this project. It’s amazing!

So, to all music aficionados and rock/punk/alternative lovers out there, it’s time to grab your copy of “From Inside the Fishbowl” now. I guarantee you won’t regret it; and trust me, it won’t be long before the songs on this album are mainstays on your playlist!

* * *

You can purchase copies of “From Inside the Fishbowl” at all Overtone gigs at Capone’s, Aposento, Il Ponticello, and Kublai’s Rock. For their schedule check their webpage at or on

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