Monday, September 10, 2007


Right after dinner, baboy was blabbing away to my mom. As usual not making sense at all. When the baboy was gone, I told my mom that two of my younger cousins refuse to go out with him because he is so arrogant, so loud, and hoards his so-called friends to their houses uninvited. I told my mom too that when the baboy was at APC, the college beside our church, he didn't have any friends because he was "such a shmoe and feeling pa!" Then, she gets riled up and start shouting at each other. My mom has this way of ALWAYS turning the subject on hand making me the "bad one". Then of course to my defense knowing that I didn't do anything wrong at that particular time, I start raising my voice.

Then because I am sick and tired of my mom always defending that prick, I said "It's been clear since before that you always defend that baboy. I have always known that he was your favorite. That's ok, but please he cant even be a a decent human being. Oh I forgot he isn't one." Then on and on again on how she plays fair and that I get a horse and this is the clincher, of how she spent her money on my recent trip to the States and my brace! Putang Ina. Then I said. "you want your money back? I'll give you back my brace!" So uncalled for! By this time mad dad steps in and yet another round of shouting and voices raised. I have to raise my voice because it is clear that my parents DO NOT LISTEN to me or even believe me even when evidence presents itself.

Saturday, after mass, we usually eat out. This time we ate in Banana Leaf. After eating c/o my dad, it was pay parking time. Guess what! My dad only had 20 pesos and needed 20 more to pay. There were coins in the compartment which the prick didn't want to touch or give because IT WAS his money! Tang ina! Baboy even said that my dad would have to pay him back I wanted to clobber him with my cane. My dad had to break his 500 pesos to be able to pay. I didn't have money either because I used up my 100 pesos for church. Putang ina! The thing is my dad just let it go... But later on i heard my dad get mad at him...but as always, useless.

I can go on and one about this but one must think that it's just drama. Clearly it isn't. Bottom line... kick that prick out of the house. See, if I am the one who leaves, talo ako. But if it's to keep me sane, I will leave. Of course my dad will say no because their precious o their precious Luis. Luis is the only thing that binds this family, or whats left of it.

Everyone knows of how much I want to live on my own. Don't have to see and hear that shit that baboy does. I don't need to be surrounded by crap. If you see crap, what do you do? Throw it away. In this case, kick it out.

My parents tell me of how much anger I have. Yes I do because of that baboy. Nothing else. Believe me! Just the mere fact that I know that that baboy will be home, my blood pressure rises. That BABOY is DETRIMENTAL to my health. Pretty soon it will be yours too.

KICK HIM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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