Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Actually, I am beginning to enjoy this no driver-all taxi thing. Just don't get me in a bad mood. Look at it this way, you don't have to pay for parking, you don't have to RUSH because the car/driver is needed elsewhere, you can really rake out the whole department store if you wanted too. But, of course having a driver is great too for places you aren't too familiar with, and knowing that you don't have to wait for eons to get a cab. I guess it has it's UPs and DOWNS.
Since I have been holding cooking lessons in the Barangay, I have to go to the grocery every week. A day before my class. I prepare everything before hand and just leave the minor details for the day itself. The Barangay picks me up and brings me home when I have my class. I haul a truckload of equipment too. Mixers, Electric Stoves, Pots and Pans, Bowls, basically my whole kitchen! So it's just right that I get picked up right? So right there, I don't really need a driver for that. But what about my son's football practices and games? My riding, my PT and OT, Dental Check ups which I have postponed twice already because the driver was no where to be found...
In all of this, I am thankful that Good ole Danny will be back tomorrow! Yahoo!!! Not to mention that Angele is back too. My entourage will be complete... I can finally go back to riding. One more week of Barangay commitments then, I can take break...can I?
I just found out that my son doesnt start school til the 18th of June... (in my head are pictures of Disneyland Hong Kong or some other destination..got any ideas? Oh yeah...ain't got no moolah!)

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