Monday, May 14, 2007


I was told not to go to the voting precinct too early. Early means lots of people. My mom was nice enough to take me there and wait for me so I didn't have to walk in the blazing sun. Thanks Mom! As I make my way to the gym (where the voting area was), I was greeted by Barangay Officials. The usual Hi's and hello's. As I make my way to my precinct number, the volunteers there were so accommodating and cheerful. There were not too many people at that time too. I knew who I was going to vote. I knew that I was not going to fill up my ballot just for the sake of filling it up. I knew which Senators to vote for. One is even leading the senatorial race. Congressman/woman, Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Kagawads or Councilors. I was done in less that 10 minutes.

Since I didn't have much planned to do for the day, I lingered around the Voter's INFORMATION TENT. Those who were there were people that I have become familiar with because they all belong to the Barangay Magallanes Family. From the manongs and manangs who help me during my cooking class, to the secretaries who photocopy my handouts for class, of course the Barangay Captain and her constituents. Hehehe. But really, these people are so nice. They are so accommodating. I was even fed. Hahaha... You know me.. where there is food..there I am. I decided to bring a plate of my Taco Lumpia for them just in case they didn't have merienda yet. I stayed until my feet couldn't take it anymore. Also my dad and Luis came back to watch the counting. Of course my dad waiting COCOFED to appear on the ballots.

I could have stayed longer but I was just so sleepy... Oh well... watching the polls on TV will suffice for now. Click on the banner please!

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