Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yesterday, my mom was frustrated because the our Internet provider was down. No connection whatsoever. No green lights dancing around. Today, not expecting any connection and was only going to up load pictures, low and behold... quick and fast Internet connection! Yippee!! (with a big grin on my face because baboy can't use it!) Haha! Yeah, I'm mean. I am when I need to be.

Latest stunt: We have a mini refrigerator here in the Family Room/Computer Room and every single night, before I go to sleep, I have to lower the thermostat because it is ALWAYS on COLDEST (Maximum! To the point that there are are icicles in the water already! Not to mention the chocolates and nail polish and other REF stuff!) I mean, is Paolo really that stupid?! I wrote a post-it note to my mom and said that I have to do this every night. I said "Paolo really doesn't have a brain! Higher thermostat level means higher energy consumption. Thus higher electricity bills. But I guess he doesn't even know what those words mean!". I confronted the maids about this and they didn't even what it was for. So of course who else would do that. Then the maids told me that Paolo drinks out of the pitcher all the time, I said "Why do you think I have my own water bottler in the ref?!" He is really an uncivilized pig! He doesn't deserve to be a human being! A really do not UNDERSTAND why my parents CANNOT see all this. Knowing that he is in the house makes my blood boil.

Of course you know what he did to our monitor right? Until now, the monitor is still 3 colors! I can easily go out and buy a monitor but since I was not the one who ruined it, I will not lift a finger. Too many people having to share one PC is unbelievable. Then again, I cant say anything... I'm not earning money. Dang!!!! Luis has money from his father which I don't touch. I don't think anyone knows about it either until now. He has enough to but his own PC. Enough of this sharing with that slob!

On better things in life, I have one more week of cooking lessons with the kids of Magallanes. We have a culminating activity on the 26th. I hope the parents go and buy... Here are some pics of the Barangay Magallanes Cooking Activities!


Yesterday was also the baby/bridal shower of Gabbi L. Congrats Campy! The Freaks Unite once again. Hahahaha!

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