Sunday, November 19, 2006


It's Sunday night and I don't know where the week went. It's either I was busy or just lazy or both. Hahaha! Had my regular PT regime. Checked for a friend's brother's OP (Operation) schedule and found out that it was for Wednesday. My friend's brother was found to have a brain tumor and needed an operation. My neurosurgeon would be doing the procedure. With that in mind, I was relieved since I turned out ok. Two days later, I receive a text message from my friend saying that his younger brother passed away. I was in terrible shock. It just happened so fast. I was even wondering if I will be seeing him in my PT sessions. It's so sad really especially for the family. Though I have never met John, I feel for his brother who is my friend and his family. I always think of death as a good thing in the sense that the deceased will be with God. He or she will not suffer anymore. It's always the one who get left behind who suffers.
Tuesday: Kjwan's 2nd Album Launch 2 Step Marv at Mugen Bar in Metrowalk Ortigas. Of course in support of my dear friend Monica and her beau Marc, we were there in full force. I actually really like the 2nd album. I think it will do better than the first. Way to go Kjwan. After which we headed back to Makati and celebrated another friend's birthday, actually two friends, Norby at JayPads. Happy Birthday guys! Thanks for the drink Norby!

Wednesday: Went to the grocery, picked up Luis from school, go to the newly re-opened S&R (Thank God!!), rushed to pick up Mom from her office and rushed back home for a simple dinner with the Pearcy's who were vacationing from Sydney. Of all with them was adorable Ben. - click here for some pictures from Ben's visit. Treated myself with new episode of Prison Break.
Thursday: Another OT & PT day. Because two therapists were celebrating thier birthdays, there was a feast during PT. Yummy food! Had to review Luis for his test on Adverbs. Yikes. I dont remember studying adverbs when I was in the 2nd grade...the advancement of today's students, makes you wonder what else there is to study ...then again, there in so much untapped material in the universe.
Friday: Had a nice dinner with Cara in Banana Leaf in Rockwell. Bumped into the Velhagen clan because it was Tito Billy's birthday. Nice to see them all thier. Nice to see Debbie too, she is pregnant...another addition to the ever growing Araneta family. Late that night, I receive a text saying that Vincent's brother passed away. All we really can do is pray for his soul and the family. So so sad.
Saturday: The long awaited birthday party of Cathy. Before that, I brought Luis to the doctor in the mornong because he had a fever the night before. It was gone the next day. But since we havent gone to the doctor it was just about time to have him checked. He grew another inch but still weighs the same. Hay... kalansay I tell him. But really luis is in good shape and is growing up well. Cathy's party was a blast. High School Musical was still the theme...there was a host, a dance group, a magician and tons of food. Fun but tiring as always. Will have the pictures up as soon as I fix them. ... sleepy sleepy....

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