Sunday, August 20, 2006

...AT LEAST...

My titas always have dinners for cousins or relatives visiting from their respective countries bringing along the kiddies. This time the dinner was for Bea and Solen. Adorable Solen showing us her Macarena moves... cutie!!! Then of course Tita Carmen's sumptuous inihaw and eggplant salad. Then the dessert! Ooohlaala! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Not something unusual, Luis was the only boy. There was Solen, Kiana, and Luis. Hanna and Luis were playing sungka and according to Hanna, Luis was beating her. Fun fun fun... I really love and look forward to family gatherings, seeing our family the way, Marta is pregnant with her third! Congats!!

Solen and Kiana

As if I didn't have enough to eat the previous night, there was a farewell party for Katkat in Dedet's house, Saturday evening. Tired from the garage sale Janlo and I had all morning and afternoon, food was all I could think about. Haha! Then again when don't I ever think of food? Completely forgetting about the potluck party, I scrambled into the kitchen and rummaged throught the freezer and pantry looking for something to cook. Luis' Pizza is what I came up with. Heheh... always a hit with both parents and kids because of it's mini size and unusual topping...lastnight's was chorizo, mushrooms, and chopped olives. It was wiped out. All that was left were crumbs. It was sad though that we will not be seeing Katkat for another year or so. But at least there is something to look forward to next time.

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