Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Did I mention that my neighbor's 7 year old daughter got an iBook for her birthday? My jaw literally dropped from envy. Her mother showed us what the girl's father got her as well as the sites that she visits. What will a 7 year old surf for? Girl stuff of course. The party was last friday and it's wednesday and i'm still in awe. Here I am wanting and dreaming for an iBook since it was first let out. Still dreaming and waiting but now it's phased out. Can you believe that? Anyone out there who wants to give me an iBook G4??
Today I was woken up by my yaya saying the my mom called saying that the bank called. WHY?? Insufficient funds to back up a check that came in. I was like whaat??? I havent touched that account knowing that there was no money in it. Well, to make a long story short, I had to find the nearest bank and deposit the x amount to cover the check. DANG!!!! This is the 2nd time this happens to me. It sucks. I can just feel it that one of these days my mom is going to sit me down and ask what the hell will I do with my life. That is financially. Hmm... let me see... This is what I want to do, I like to cook, I like spending a lot of time making websites or learning the ropes of making one. I like taking pictures and make powerpoint presentations with them. Now can you give a job that fits all that? I can cook for you just provide the ingredients.
Why can't I marry a rich man and i will provide the TLC. I can cook, I'm good with kids, I can host parties, I make friends easily. And i'm good in...
Hay.... bummer.

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neenuh said...

haaay, don't we all want a rich man?! hahaha! i thought i could have one to buy me all the pairs of shoes that i want! ;-)

mac seems to be the icon now of the coño lifestyle (ipod, macbook, bigmac). i'd stick to windows though, and check out creative zen, it's hella sexier than the ipod ;-)

thanks for the greeting bets. that was really sweet of you leaving a birthday greeting in my webpage, hehe. i wanted to turn 29 ever so quietly... it feels good to know friends remembered the day, nonetheless. mwah!