Sunday, August 13, 2006


A very happy weekend. Stuffed with food. Birthday parties one after the other. Staying up and out until 2am with the kids (starting them young ei?". That's what happens when the parents are good friends.. it's nice right?

Sofia turned 7. When Luis and I got to the party, Luis was wondering why he was the only boy. Not that he minds. He still played all the games. The entertainment for the kids was a magic show by Leodini who I was suppose to hire for Luis' party but he was fully booked then. Finally, Anton arrived and Luis better of he shouted "Hey Anton, come over here and help me! I'm surrounded by girls!".

Saturday was a joined party with the two sisters Lauren and Liyora. 9 and 4 respectively. This time we stayed until 2 am. Anton and Luis were still up and about playing with the new toys that were gifts for the celebrants. The celebrants were girls so, go figure. Hehehehe... It was fun as always.

Stuffed! Stuffed! Stuffed!


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