Saturday, January 28, 2006


Since I have had more time to watch tv, I was missing out on all my regular tv series that I have been following. I texted my suki and asked what she had on hand. I got Season 4 of Alias. Hehehe. Yes, Michael Vartan is one of my yummy bananas. Got my own copies of Ocean's 11 and 12 too. (big smile on my face).
I was informed that we did not have ample supply of meats and chicken. Perfect, I say, I go to Pricemart, buy the meats and pick up Luis from school, drop of the cow and the pig and chicken, and take Luis to football. I then found out that football was cancelled due to weather conditions...what to do now? Lori then textes me and asks if there could be a play group in my house this time. As always, instant "party" for the moms and the kids.
I remembered that my mom gave me a P 500 gift certificate for Shakey's Pizza..great. I order the pizza and mojos. Lori then orders Brother's Burgers twice, and Lyka brings goodies from Rustan's. Food fest again... This time my cousin brought his son too. There were a total of 8 kids in my house and 4 mommies. Everyone arrived at 4:30pm and went home after dinner. Stuffed again.... Spent the whole night watching 5 episodes of Alias... yummy.
Then I realized that it was the first time I watch DVDs or stay in the den downstairs in 3 months perhaps. The last time was with my ex-boyfriend. Hehehe. Yes I had a boyfriend. It was short lived but it was the best. I couldn't help but miss him and reminisce. sigh....=)
Luis and I were invited to an ART EXHIBIT of the other Magallanes Kids at 4 pm today. Which was held in Dedet and Monchit's new house. It was like an open house thing and believe me the children's works were fantastic. Which made me decide to put Luis in too. I met so many people again and the usual HI and HELLOS. All the proud parents and grandparents were there in full force too

Monchit gave me the 0.50 cent tour of the house. All I could say was, wow...if this was my house, I would...(dreaming again). The kids all had a grand time. They watched Narnia too. What was interesting too was that, Dedet and Monchit had a guest, who is the physical therapist of Lauren, the eldest child who has cerebral palsy.
Pablo is from Belgium who comes several time a year to treat his patients. He has a different method which I have forgotten. Anyway, what struck me the most was that, when he started his conversation with me he told me that my mother was not my really mother and that I was adopted. Yes, true, nothing new...but how would this stranger all the way from Brussels know? I was not even formally introduced to him? So, of course curious me let Pablo do all the talking. According to him, my biological mother had me with another man and not her husband. Strange... (insert twilight zone score). He said other things but the TV was so loud I couldn't hear everything well. It had something to do with my disability too. Oh yeah, my biological mother was having trouble when she had me that's why my disability. Or something to that effect. Really interesting don't you think? I told my mom about it when I got home. We both wondered. Exciting....hahaha.
Oh well, again it's no big thing if I was adopted. In fact I am very very much grateful because my parents have been nothing but great to me. That's why I don't really care much of where I am from. My parents now are my parents and that's that. =)
Pablo cooked up a superb meal for us. With the all the kids and adults around he made 3 kinds of pasta and a dessert all from scratch single handedly. Bravo.....
This is why I love living in this village....our kids all grow up together, we get to know each other and what better way to spend spare time? It was a great weekend...

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neenuh said...

i'm jealous :-( i would love for nate to have a playgroup. thing is, the kids in this village don't go out anymore.

i read your cube cheese entry, i like this string cheese, and i dunno where to buy. it's called 'stringsters' and i love the way it tastes. i wish i knew where to get. i will ask the parent of my pupil one of these days haha.