Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Because of these incredibly low airfare prices c/o Cebu Pacific the girls usually have this "OK book it!" go go go impulsive booking spree months in advance. In the end it was only Janlo and I that made it. Margie was booked too but she had another trip booked too. Well, I wouldn't blame Margie... HK vs Melbourne? Go figure. Hahaha. Nonetheless, Janlo and I had a good time. Right Jan? It was an easy steady trip. No rushing. Just steady steady nice nice.
I think Janlo already realized the little perks of traveling with me in terms of cue lines in the airport, customs, boarding. We were always first. "Use me Jan, use me"... (out of my head GB) Hahaha! In this whole trip we only used a taxi once because my feet/legs were killing me and my brace was digging into my skin already. The taxi trip was only a block or two away that cost me $18HKD. When you are in pain, you'll pay any price. Plus with all that we bought from Central, Monkok, and around Tsim Sha Tsui we needed a ride.

We opted to take the 7:55am flight which was great because by the time we get to HK, we would have time to rest, eat and all geared up for the day ahead. I still can't believe how much I walked during the trip which is good right?

Our first meal was across the hotel steamed veggies, taro cakes, and pork with noodles.
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