Monday, July 26, 2010

EDEN - by Bianca Araneta-Elizalde

Dear mothers and moms-to-be,
Eden is my new line of maternity and nursing clothes that I will be launching this coming August. I designed each piece to grow with a woman's changing form throughout all stages of pregnancy including the 4th trimester, which includes transition and nursing. Because I'm such a staunch advocate of breastfeeding, all my clothes were made with discreet nursing openings to make breastfeeding your baby easily accessible, inconspicuous and stylish, which will hopefully encourage you all to breastfeed for longer. Please look out for our exciting first collection which will have a lot of pieces you will "live in" throughout this joyous time of your life! After all, I created this line out of love, plenty of hard work and research just for you and your little ones....I dedicate this line to all you mothers who all deserve to look and feel good about yourselves. Let's celebrate being a woman!
Love, Bianca

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