Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The problem with plastic: One trillion plastic bags are used every year that will never biodegrade. It uses up natural resources and energy. It’s killing our marine life. It’s over-running our planet!

Don’t let it take over! Let’s reclaim our planet from the clutches of bag at a time. Use our reusable shopping bags for all your purchases and you can save Mother Earth from hundreds of plastic bags a year (and that’s just you!).

Mother Earth won't be the only one you'll help. These bags are expertly made by the hard-working women of The Livelihood Shop, a livelihood center that has been employing the underprivileged women of Taguig for the past 21 years. By purchasing and using these bags, you are providing a means of living to this special group of disadvantaged women.

Use this Mother Earth bag as if life depended on it. Because it does.

Love our Mother Earth, we only have one.

These babies are made of heavy duty canvas that will withstand even your most rigorous shopping jaunts and carry your heftiest load of groceries!

Despite their heavy duty nature, our canvas bags are lightweight and easy to tote...

just fold it up and secure with the closure ties attached.

Don’t you think you’ll look so much more fetching

toting this instead of a plastic bag? ;)

Dimensions: Height

15 inches, Width - 17.5 inches, Depth at base – 6 inches.
It fits a whole lotta shopping!
Machine washable.

Price - Only P145.00 each!

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neenuh said...

bets i love those bags! i want to order :-)

blissful COW said...

Go NINS! Order na. They go fast... just textor call me ok? Better yet email me at


neenuh said...

i will order one, i will pay for it at noah's baptism... you're going yeah? i want 2 of the "i <3 my mother" totes. one for me and one for my mom, hehe

let me know if this is possible :-)

neenuh again said...

i meant i will order 2 bags lol

blissful COW said...

GREAT!! Thanks! Will bring them to Noah's shower. Thank you again.