Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GOSH! It's Been Ages

I haven't had time to blog about anything really. I haven't even finished my post about my dad. =(. So many things happening (non-stop eating, dinners and lunches!) All I would really talk about would be FOOD! Hahaha!. Other than that it would be the weekly grind I have. Pick up Luis from school, take him to tennis, hang out with T. Marivic (riding), give Jive her carrots, PT, grocery, cooking, my Wednesday Day-Off, and in between my small business. =) I don't even go out anymore. This afternoon, i took a swig of white wine while cooking Mushroom Risotto and I got dizzy!!! Hahaha.

Now that my dad is gone, I realized that I have no one to leave Luis with if ever I go out at night. Usually, Pappy stays home all the time and I was sure that he would be with Luis. My mom is always out which is good for her but wow, her social life is off the roof. I get tired knowing that she is always out. Believe me, she has not eaten dinner here at home more than 5 times a week. I wish I could have a life like that. Although, I know she misses my dad.Well, we all do. We just have our way of coping.

That other thing that lives here too is impossible. Just because my dad is no longer around, it does NOT mean that the RULES have changed. See, one guy was banned from coming over. The same day, weekend, that my dad passed away, that guy was practically living here. The next weekend, he was here again, even sleeping in that ass' car. Gross!! Gosh, I can go on and on with what that ass P has been doing. Worst now since he knows that he has my mom wrapped around his finger. Ha! With 8 other people plus Luis and I, I really HOPE and WISH that my mother will FINALLY see and believe what that ass is about. He may get away with murder with my mom, NOT with me and 8 other people watching. I have gone to lengths of even telling my mom's sisters and sisters-in-law to what that ass does! I have been openly sharing with my cousins every things that ass has been doing and will be doing. How I wish we had surveillance cameras all over the house just so that my mom will FINALLY believe me.

Like I said, I am not going to stop and I am known to be very very stubborn. =)

I have missed all my fav TV shows. I just have to wait for the marathon dvds! yay!

Gotta catch some zzzzs. Be safe! Be good.


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