Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Since I lent my New Moon book to Monica, I had to skip it and move on to Eclipse as my night cap read. I'm telling you everything is better the second time around. Of course now I have Robert Pattinson in my head every time I read the name Edward. Yeah yeah yeah it's juvenile for a 32 year old to be rereading this series again...but you know what...I don't care. I'm enjoying myself and that is what counts. Honestly, I'm itching to watch the movie for the 3rd time. Maybe tomorrow while waiting for my son to finish his caroling practice for Rockwell Christmas thingy. Anyone want to watch with me?
Luis came to my room even before our 6:45am bell rang all dressed up for school. He confessed to me that he didnt do his homework and was waiting for my mom to help him out. My mom came home at around midnight. Well, Luis knows not to ask me for help when it comes to anything resembling math equations, so the poor thing did his work early morning before school. Talk about trained. Hahaha... I should feel guilty because I was not able to help him but I'm not... because I wouldnt know how to teach him either. Oh well. Waiting for him now...
I'm missing so many of my US Episodes because my uTorrent is acting up. I shouldn't have replaced my old version to a newer one. Dang!!! Oh well... there goes my day off Wednesdays.

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