Friday, June 27, 2008


Ever since school started, which was more than a week ago, I have the tendency to crawl back into bed right after Luis leaves for school. The bad thing is, I don't get up til lunch time or even after. Thus scrambling to get things done before it's time to pick up Luis for school and take him to his sport activities. It's either that I have to do chores for my mom, which is usually doing the grocery which she forgot the week before. But today, I'm up. I think that as soon as Luis leaves, I should log on and check all my sites. That way, I don't have that "calling" to go back to sleep. Asking for my breakfast and cup of coffee with it.
Last night, I had a terrible headache and I was wondering why. After sorting through all the possibilities of why I had a headache, it was simply because of the heat! You would think that since summer is over, the chances of getting heat stroke would be minimal. Then again, this is a tropical country and the mixture of global warming and the likes. anything is possible. I gulped down as much water I a could. Cold refreshing water thinking of brain freeze! Hahaha. Gosh, the things that go through my mind when 24/7 all I can think about is what Luis needs to do or what I have to prepare for the day. Hmm, it's 10:28 am...nap time? hehehe. Turn on the tube and see what's cooking, literally. My unmade bed looks inviting.

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