Thursday, May 15, 2008

...So Why Am I Blogging About It...

There are so many topics running through my head right now but they are not really important to me. No relevance but they are important to other people. Now, if only I can shake those people up and tell them what to do. Then again, it's not my business and have no say any way. So, why am I blogging about it? Hahaha. I really don't know.

A friends' blog mentioned something about raising kids or babies. I wrote a whole speech about it on her comment box but I pressed something and it all disappeared. Oh well. Basically, it said that a mother's/woman's intuition is something not to ignore. It's usually the right thing. As a mother you know and will know what to do. Independence is something to be taught at a very early age of your child's life. They are or gotta grow up some time right? See, here I go again blabbing just for the sake of writing something down... Go to sleep Bettina! You have another long day tomorrow! Ha.

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