Thursday, May 08, 2008


About a month or so ago, I was texting with Pam about summer and what activities Luis will be doing. The text messaging went on until asked if Luis and I wanted to go to Cebu. I didn't want to seem eager or what's the term for it? But I thought that it would be great for Luis to spend time with his paternal grandmother and other relatives. I also needed a break from all that has been happening. I called my mom's travel agency to book a flight for Luis and I. No way was my mom going to pay for our flight. My mind was set on May 3 to the 10th. Luis and I were going be hook or by crook. Mabuhay Miles were not going to be honored for the duration of our stay. Thank God I found a 336 peso fare. The best deal as compared to what my mom's secretary and dad's secretary found. So, I took it and paid for it. My mom didn't realize that we were actually leaving until a day or two before. Yes mom, I took care of everything. Thanks.

Again, the notion that I wouldn't have a yaya set in again. C'mon Bets, you went to the States for a month without one. A few days in Baguio with Luis without one, what's one week? Little by little my little plan is actually ironing itself out. I'm actually becoming more and more independent despite my disability. Yes it gets frustrating but hey, the job gets done and that was is important right?

Well, Cebu was great. I really enjoyed myself with everyone. Lola B really took care of Luis and I. D, P, and P, took care of us as well. It was a nice "family" outing even if technically I'm not. If you know what I mean? Hehehe. But at this point, it doesn't matter. What matters is that Luis got to spend time with his father's family and that Luis knows who they are. It is fulfilling. No qualms about anything. It's just all great.

I was missing E though during the trip and seeing in mass that Sunday and him not minding me really made me realize that an ass he is. Just because his son and in laws were there he completely ignored me even though Luis and I were only a pew ahead. What an ass. Oh well, again, his loss. Yeah, he is lost. Poor guy.

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