Monday, March 03, 2008

...AT HOME...

It's a Monday and usually by this time, I'm on my way to ride or already getting on Jive. I was planning my ride today then I totally forgot that I can't just leave Luis alone. He has been down with fever or viral infection since Thursday. Luis getting fever is a bit traumatic for me as he has a history of convulsion. His fever went up to 39.9c which is scary, thus literally shoving him into the shower with cold water. His fever went down to 38c. He was in good spirits which is great. Brought him to his pedia. The usual medication was given. Tempra for fever and lots of liquids and bed rest. His appetite has been great too. Thanks to a new friend who reminded me about the great benefits of Ilog Maria healing products, I looked for the ones that my mom has on her night table. Perfect, Bee Propolis. Gave him a 1ml with a tablespoon of honey. Fever disappeared. He can go back to school tomorrow. Yehey. =)

Thus I have been quite bored. Watching TV shows over and over again, making my "planning and packing lists" which I posted on MULTIPLY.

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