Monday, November 19, 2007


Ohmigod! I had just come home from riding and was wearing a cap. It was dinner time so naturally, I had to take it out. I left it on the kitchen counter which my yaya could bring up later on. During dinner, that prick goes into the kitchen. He comes out and sits on one of the side chairs Guess what was behind him? My black and white Nike cap (katas ng divisoria) squashed. That asshole was going to steal it. Not to make a scene or raise my voice, I told Luis to get it from that prick. I put it on the table for the world to see. I go to the kitchen and asked the 7 maids if they saw that prick get my cap. They all say, "Hindi. Pero nawala na lahat yung kanya.". (No, but he has lost all his caps!)

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