Friday, November 16, 2007

...I Have To Or Else...

I would rather NOT be blogging about this but it has to be documented. Why? Because it's proof and hoping that one day my parents will discover my BLOG and see what kind of animal they have raised.

I was hearing doors banging and lots of footsteps. I opened my door to listen to what the commotion was all about. The stupid oaf was shouting at the maid telling her to look for his medical test reports. Well the stupid asshole left it on the dinning table last night which I saw. I asked the maid what that prick wanted gain, apparently, he was accusing my mom's yaya about stealing/loosing his credit card. The driver found it in the van which was used to buy his medicines. Stupid oaf! Then I told the maid to TELL that ass to look for his results himself and that they were on the dinning table. Exasperating!! I swear. Every single day Something stupid comes up.

Last night as I was placing my PhilHealth card which I asked my Pappy to laminate for me, my mom was holding up a piece of paper. It was the pricks resume'. My mom was in shock. He doesnt even know proper punctuations. "No wonder none of the places he has applied for get back to him. He cant spell, he doesn't know how to make a proper resume'." In my mind, I was like "Now lang you noticed that?!! That stupid oaf is worth nothing!" I lost half my brain and I am not stupid. God sakes!!! Please please tell my parents!

I had to buy a WiFi Router because that asshole is on the computer 24/7. Watching his shows. Tang ina downoad them and watch it in your DVD which belongs to my parents. Not my mom cant use her vidoes... Mom, your DVD is the ass' room. Unplug it and get it.

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neenuh said...

i have the same term of endearment for my brother - OAF.

i think parents take it out on their responsible, trustworthy and dependable child because they're not going to blame themselves for failing at raising their other child properly.

prodigal son, as my mom calls him. but she forgets that in the parable, the prodigal son actually repents. oh, but not her own "prodigal son", nope. the best part is how she comlpains endlessly to everyone about her son, whom she single-handedly raised to become the way he is. but she doesn't do anything about it. and when i start talking, she makes me feel like i'm the insolent child. fun. it's a terrible, vicious cycle, and i hate being a part of it.

hay naku bets, i feel for you. hang on!