Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I'm still trying to think what I got myself into at the same time glad because I would be of help with the community. At least in the small way that I can. Late last year Baranagay Captain ML Gordon asked me to attend this meeting for the disabled. This year, there have been 2 meetings with officials of the various groups and with the National Council For The Welfare Of Disabled Persons (NCWDP) representatives as well as my neighbors.
Awareness is the key. My barangay wants to form a committee or group wherein we will conduct surveys regarding this matter. Last night (late last night) I spoke to the Vice President of External Affairs of the Makati Person with Disability Federation. Of course like any other organization or national committee there are steps and processes to be followed.
The first step is the get the PWD (Person With Disability) Profiler and the PWD Transport Plus. Once you are assessed and profiled you can make use of all the benefits and privileges that a PWD is entitled to. There are a lot. At least the essentials. Discount on medicines, movies, establishments, etc. Better some then none. By the way, this is what I know of the Makati City benefits and privileges. Yehey!

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