Saturday, June 02, 2007


As I'm typing I'm actually waiting for my 3 yayas to come home because they asked permission to watch a movie. Sure, go ahead, Mother dearest isn't home, Pappy sleeps early anyway. I'm trying to think of what I have been doing in a chronological order. But my brain cells aren't working. So ill just say what comes to mind.
Well, the Barangay Summer Program came to an end with a great program where I wish my son joined. The Theatre Arts group showcased a marvelous performance. I only caught them during their final rehearsal, and I was in awe. On the day itself they even had those individual mics attached to them... What are they called again?? Lapel Mics. Because the kids did not know what they were going to use, on show day itself they were all thrilled and really gave it their best. I on the other hand had to settle for watching the show from our Food Booth. It was great nonetheless.
Luis at work! Tabulating Sales!

When any of us (the GIRLS) have a celebration we almost always make sure that we are all present. Cara, suffering from jet lag made it but left after dinner to catch some zzz's. The 3 pregnant mommas all present in their cute outfits (chic and fashionable as always). It's funny seeing my friends being 1st time mothers. I can just imagine the thrill they are going through. If I had i my way, I wouldn't mind going through the whole process again. It's just so nice to be with my girls. It definitely is a comfort zone.

Been wanting to go up to Baguio. First attempt was May 28 to 30. That passed already. Next attempt is on June 15 to 17. But I have to check the hotel for the availability of the rooms and coupons will be honored. Then just now, I get a message from the Girls about a trip to Laguna. Still waiting for confirmation. That should be fun....

Well, the yayas are back. I'll leave you with this song by Rosie Thomas...

Say Hello.
If I find him ... just to follow

Would he hold me and never let me go

Would he let me borrow his old winter coat

I don't know I don't know

If I see her standing there alone

At the train station three stops from her home

I have half a mind to say what I'm thinking anyway

I don't know

I don't know

There's airplane in the sky

With a banner right behind

Loneliness is just a crime

Look each other in the eye

And say hello

Oh oh oh oh

And say hello

Oh oh oh oh oh

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