Saturday, June 23, 2007


That bitch strikes again. I knew for a fact that she still calls here and hangs up the phone. My dad is confined again since Thursday of this week. Yesterday, my mom was answering the phone in the room and she would hung up. But when my mom gave the phone directly to my dad, psycho started talking. We all knew that it was her. How the fuck did she know my dad's room number. I am beginning to think that he is giving it. What happened to that LONG talk a few months ago about her? Pissed, I didn't visit today. For all you know that bitch did early morning. My dad only called for Luis and I at 3:30 pm. No call whatsoever. So I did something. If It worked I don't know. But that bitch is calling again here. So it must have worked.
I hope my dad knows why I did not visit today. The mere fact that my mom and I know that it was the bitch calling is reason to get pissed at him. Thus, I am not going to visit him. Bahala siya.

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