Thursday, April 05, 2007


It's been so hard logging in therefore no posting. Aside from that, my stupid so-called brother reformated that computer without anyones permission. It really ticked me off. I had to pray to God to help me keep my cool and not kill him. I wasn't joking. Up to this day, our monitor only sees three colors and that includes black! Because of the eye strain and headaches the monitor causes me, I cant really blog.
Hostility aside, I have been pretty busy actually. Busy with Summer Program of the Barangay. Barangay Magallanes will be having tons of activities for the kids. Arts & Crafts, Painting, Drawing, Photography and cooking. Of course, there will be Basketball and Futsal. My son already started his basketball... As part of the Summer Program, I will be teaching basic cooking once a week to the kids. As of this week, I will have 16 students. Yikes... I have never done this. I'm sure it will be fun. Anyway, I will continue in more detail nect time.. Like I've said earlier, this monitor is giving me eyestrain...hay!!!!

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