Saturday, March 03, 2007

...FALLING OFF, again...

Last week, I was watching some riding students jump. I got jealous and said "Next Friday, I'll join that class." They were jumping very low jumps and I knew that Jive would just breeze through them. Today, all up and about, excited to pop over some jumps, my Jive trips and sends me sliding down her neck...OUCH! Nothing hurt at first, it was when I got up and realized that my right hand was strangely contoured, that's when I knew that something was wrong. It didn't hurt. I wanted to jump so badly that I got up, with the help with the grooms and my yaya, and walked towards the ledge to get on Jive again. I couldn't put my gloves back on without wincing in pain. I couldn't move my hand. Normally, I do the "close-open" thing, but this time, my hand wouldn't budge. I iced my hand until the ice all melted away. I called my mom asking if I couldn't take myself to the emergency room just in case bones were broken. Luckily, there is this M-Tech Hospital isn't over crowded with patients. I was treated and soon as I walked into the doors. X-ray, splint, medication for the pain, paying the bill for the consult was done in less than an hour and very very reasonablly priced.

That's what I have. It could take 6 weeks to fully recover from this. I pray to God that it won't take that long. I immediately sent a text message to my Physiotherapist and he said that, it could be possible.

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neenuh said...

oh no!
how's the arm bets? :-(
are you in a cast or what?
as much as you love riding, it is quite a risky sport activity. but good thing it was "just" that. i dunno how else to say without sounding uncaring.
take care ok?