Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It was pretty productive today. It started off with a meeting this morning with the Barangay Officials planning this summer’s activities for the kids. Brainstorming for ideas and coming up with a culminating activity. I was put semi-in charge of the cooking and household activities. Our next meeting will be on the 22nd of this month. I had to rush to PT before 1 p.m.. Luckily, I made it. Just in time for lunch! Hahaha. Yeah, my therapists were having lunch. I decided to join them with my baon of Thai spring rolls. After which, a hand of us decided to have hot fudge sundaes for dessert. Thank God for Angele.!!!

Since my driver decided to take a half dayoff, Angele and I had to take a cab going home. But before heading home, I had to buy my mother’s monthly maintenance medicines. From Mercury Drugstore, we took a cab to Don Bosco where I had Luis’ 1st Communion Stampitas made. I bought myself a Sudoku puzzle book from the bookstore downstairs., hailed a cab and headed home. It’s a good thing that my dad’s flight coincided with Luis’ dismissal. Perfect, he picked up Luis from school. It doesn’t seem much in writing but when I got home, I was pooped. A masahe would be perfect. But I used up money for the stampitas, dessert and the cab rides. Oh my utang with Manang Labandera. There goes my masahe.

We might lose our cook. I like her but you have to spoon feed her. She doesn’t think of what to cook. You have to tell her. Despite the ideas that I give her, she doesn’t pay attention. My dad will give her a list of what he wants. When my dad asks her what the food is, she doesn’t answer. Meaning she didn’t think of anything yet. This has been going on for quite some time now and I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad shouts at her. Tonight at the dinner table, after she answered my dad back, I saw in my dad’s face that he could have slapped her. Well, I would have. But he was taken by surprise. Or taken a back. So, I went to the kitchen and asked her what her problem was. She was in tears. I told her, that she shouldn’t have answered my dad that way. I told her that, she has to think of what to serve us each night because we only eat a full meal once a day. Meaning, she has the whole day to think and come up with what to feed us. I have given her recipes that are very easy to follow. I have taught her some recipes that I am sure my dad will like. I buy the meats and poultry and fish. From what I buy she should work around those and look for the recipe. Or simply ask me if I have any recipe. BUT NO… she’ll wait pa to get scolded. So tonight, she said, “Babayaran ko nalang yung utang ko kay maam at magpapaalam” (I’ll payback my boss of what I owe her then, I’ll resign” – tama ba? Hehe)

Of course, my parents don’t know that I know this. My mom talked to her though. We’ll see what the verdict is. The way I see it, if she follows simple instructions, make the list that my dad always asks her about, there will be no problem. The thing is…she doesn’t. So who is at fault here? Like my good neighbor says “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them” Haaay!!!!

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