Friday, January 19, 2007

...Sort of a Busy Bee...

01.09 - Didn't go to PT because I had a better offer. Hehehe. Had lunch with BJ, Steve, and Janlo in Sentro. It was finally see BJ after all those months. BJ is always a refreshing face too see after a long time. My dear dear friend. She expounded on her "We are getting married" news. Wow... So happy for her.
01.11 - Pig Out Day in PT. Bought a buckets of KFC for my therapists. Picked up Luis from school. Went to Market Market and bought tela for my bed pillows. 8 yards worth. Still have to look for 90" width ones for my roman shades though and for my chaise lounge. I already what kind of material I want, it's just finding it. Waffle fabric in orange.
(Insert PSYCHO-BITCH story here.)
Tito Joe moved in today. His nurses were so happy that they were sent here. In the long run, it would be better, I think because my dad, and tita Mari live near by and the hospital is only a few minutes away should anything happen. I'm sure there is some financial set-up for his expenses. I'm happy that he is here. No more hanky panky room though! Hahahahahahahah!
01.13 - The past two days were DVD Marathon Days for Luis. Free Willy 1 & 2, Finding Nemo, Power Rangers. Super super sulit what his dad gave him.
01.15 - Finally went riding. Was able to do lateral movements with Jive. She was actually on the bit. Watched HEROES episodes while killing time. I cant wait til the 22nd to see what happens to Peter, and with regards to Prison Break, hmmm... cant wait cant wait!. Luis had his first basketball clinic at the Fort. Addidas Sport Camp. My dad brought him there.
01.16 - Went to PT and Ortho Dentist after. Tightened my retainers again. Every 2 months, I have to go and tighten them. Picked up Luis from school and went to the grocery. The sort of "monthly grocery". The usual list. So tired from all the walking. My BP was 100/70 which is good. So excited to watched Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 11!
01.17 - Had lunch in Lori's house. Her guests were parents from CSA, June, Dedet and I. As always the food was good. I woke up early enough to be able to make the Thai dish my mom always makes. It's White Fish with Coconut, Chili Peppers and Kaffir leaves. Really good and it was wiped out by her guests. Lori even reserved a couple of ramekins for herself. Funny girl.
Had a meeting in Luis' school regarding Luis' First Communion. What?! Luis will be having his first communion already? Then again, I was also in the 2nd grade when I had mine. It will be on the 17th of February. Had to wait in school until 5 pm because Mommy was at the dentist.
Cooked Salpicao for dinner. yummyliscious.
01.18 - Didn't have PT only OT. Went to Market Market to buy more tops. I gift for Lori and Chipirones (baby squid). Brought some McDo for everyone. When we got to school, I found out that Luis had fever or 38.5. But Luis was ok. I really think it's because he moves around too much that once in a while his body breaks down and has fever. Lots of fluids!
01.19 - Finally, having lunch with Howard. Ever since that dinner in T. Ito's house Howard and I were never able to set a date to do lunch. But we would see each other during family lunches, wedding, and everything else. But today it was set. Just lunch at the Cogons. Nice... A lot of single parent talk. lots of food...Let's do lunch again Howard.

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