Friday, January 12, 2007


I don't think I have written about this incident because it was purely a family matter. But because of the events of yesterday, I feel that I have to give a background. It's been a year and I have NOT spoken to Paolo. Which is really fine by me but when I see him or find out what a glutton he is at home, I raise hell. Anyway, that night, something happened and it came to the point that my mom, my dad, myself and that slob, were raising out voices at each other. Anyway, I forgot the minor details but my dad called me a LIAR. That really pissed me off because I am NOT a liar. He is the one who has been lying through his teeth for the past 9 or 10 years. I got slapped by him and whoever knows me well enough, knows that, when I get slapped or confronted by something I did not do, I will, and I don't care who you are, will FIGHT back. It was primarily because of the woman. Ok her real name is MARY ANNE BANAL. But she use Beng or Maricel or whatever alias her minuscule brain can come up with. She stopped calling 3 or 4 years ago already. I thought it was totally over with because not a squeak from her whatsoever as compared to those months where she would verbally TRY to abuse me saying stuff that were far from the truth. Then, when my dad was hospitalized a number of times, she was back in the picture again. Up to her conniving schemes of trying to get hold of my dad. A number of times too, I knew for sure that he was talking to her. One should never underestimate a woman's intuition. But most men live under the "deny until you die" rule. Anyway, just before Christmas, my dad apologized to me and said that everything I said was all true and that he was just taken a back by the precise and detailed explanations I was ranting about. SEE?? I told you, I do not lie. Yeah, I lie about time schedules and air conditioning permissions but not about something as grave. So, back to the story. Just before that confrontations or meeting as my mother calls it, the phone in the living room got busted. Meaning, any calls transferred to the dining room, will be forwarded to my dad's temporary room. Thus, phone calls from that woman, will be a risk. Meaning, my dad probably told her to STOP calling. She did. Up to... Monday, January 8.
That was my cousin's wedding. My dad left his cellphone in the car and didn't get it until later on. Anyway, that must have really pissed off Beng. After that night, she started calling again. Not saying hello or asking for Mr. del Rosario or Manolo. Just listening in. Last night during dinner she called again. But all our 5 maids ALREADY know her voice because of the number of times she calls in a day, and tells Bengot that WE (family) are having dinner. A minute has not gone by yet, and there she is calling again. Again, not saying a word, just listening. Every time the phone would touch the receiver, it would ring again. It was still her until the wee hours of the morning to the point that 3 phones (1 line) were left hanging through the night and that really PISSED her off! Hahahahahaha!
Unfortunately, the baboy came home and saw his phone unhooked and placed it back in its cradle...RIIIIIIIIING!!!! My yaya answered the phone and Bengot had the gall to say "Ayusin mo pagsagot ng telepono. Wala kayong respekto! "Answer the phone properly. You don't have any respect" and slams the phone. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Deranged woman! It doesn't end there... I get to my therapy, and as soon as I enter, the therapist tells me that someone called looking for my dad. Asking what time his therapy is, who he goes with him, what time does it start and end..blah blah. Then that caller asks what time MY schedule is, what days I go, and all. MENTALLY ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My therapists know the story. I am thankful that they used their common sense and did not give any information whatsoever. She said that she was my dad's secretary. Tang ina if you are my dad's secretary shouldn't she be the 1st one to know his schedule. What's worst, why in the world would she even bother with my own schedule??? I have been going to Physical Therapy for 7 years. Not once did I receive a personal call there. I have my mobile...I can be reached there! MENTAL MENTAL!!!!! Someone please catch her and admitted her! Here is the number of the Neuro Psych Ward 888.8950

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