Sunday, November 05, 2006

...15 DAYS...

Yes, it has been 15 days since I last posted. Busy? Hahaha! Busy getting FAT! "Vacation" is over so it's time to get back on "busy" mode. It starts tomorrow. Back to the daily, weekly grind.

Our house is being repainted and in the process my cousin, our architect, lent me the 1st Season of
Prison Break and I have been hooked. Watched the entire season practically overnight. You have to blame to DVDs that come in one disc and it just plays and plays... He lends me the season a day or two before we leave for Bacolod.

My family and I spent for 4 days in Bacolod and we didn't do anything there but EAT!! Literally EAT! Our hosts kept feeding us all day long. I'll write more about the trip when I have the time. In the meantime, just check out the link where the pictures are posted. -
click here for pictures

The week went by so quickly. Spent most of the time with my neighbors since our kids were all enjoying thier sem-break vacation. Today, was the culminating activity. Anton's 7th Birthday party. Of course, it does not end there.. In two weeks time, Cathy will be turning 7 too. Hay... never ending birthday parties... never ending eating. Oh well...that's life...and a good one too.

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