Thursday, September 07, 2006


One of my neighbors moved to Dasmarinas Village just recently. Today, she invited Lori, June, and I for lunch, bringing leftovers of lastnights' pasta and buying a box of Shakey's Pizza. Knowing the village like the hand of my hand, I was pleased to know that Lyka would be next door neighbors with dear friends of mine, the Mapuas. The house is literally empty and I would LOVE the decorate the house. The layout of the house is great. HUGE is the word to describe it all. Swimming pool, garden, very spacious lanai, big kitchen, mid sized rooms and bathrooms big enough to hold a party in. We were saying that at least now we have another venue when or if we get sick and ried of our own village. Hehehe...
I ended up in CSA with June and Lori, picking up thier kids. I couldn't help but wonder if I was going to bump into anyone special. I didnt. The school is a mad house and all the kids looked the same. It's a good thing that there were some parents there whom i've met on different occasions and chatted with them to keep my eyes off wondering.
Cathy and Anton wanted to see Luis' school and off we went piled up in Lori's van and invaded Luis' school. He was more than happy to see us and was truly suprised. We all waited for Luis to be dismissed. Everyone was happy. The kids were happy. Learning that Cathy did not have much homework, she asked her mom of she and Luis could do thier homeworks at the same time. They actually did.
I was suppose to watch the live show of my dear friend Monica Lllamas in a TVBar but I lost two of my rides. The second one not knowing that I was going to lose. Oh well. I caught it on TV instead. The guests were all my friends. The band was LaCucaRasta, the guests were Marc, Vincent, and Ianne. It was hilarious! Vincent is also the lead singer of LCR. Ianne, the EIC of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Marc, a former Bachelor Bash feature, and current beau of the host. Inside jokes and hirits as they are known were side splitting fun!

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