Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I received another invitation from RDA Hong Kong to attend the 2nd RDA Conference this October. As always excitement fills my nerves and heart. That takes about 30 minutes to absorb everything. Then, reality steps in, konks me on the head and says, "How are you going to pull it off this time?". October is 3 months away. Anything can happen in 3 months. Again, airfare is the problem. However, this local airline offers great deals. After making the necessary computations the airfare will come out to P 22,000.00 plus taxes. This computation is for 3 adults ok? The great thing is food and accommodations are F-R-E-E!! Spell that again? Yup you read it right. I can already taste the breakfast and dimsum buffet in the hotel. Actually, I would be or am excited to meet 3 people if ever I go. They are as follows: Lee Pearson, Jonquil Solt, and Debbie Criddle. PLEASE CLICK ON THIER NAMES to see why. If I want it, I better get moving then huh? Wish me luck!

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