Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last night was the despedida of my friend and neighbor Bolor. She will be moving back to Manchester, UK after loving it here in Manila for 15 years. It was the usual playgroup and parents on the side. Of course, mounds of food! (mental note... DIET starts tomorrow!) The kids always always have fun!
The night before was fondue night with the Quimsons. Lia invited Tina, Luis and I for good ole La Tasca fondue. I was glad that they changed the chocolate fondue recipe because they last time I had it, it was a disappointment. I was like "I can do much better than this!" After dinner, Lia, Tina, and I hung out and played would you believe GO FISH?!! We couldnt remember the rules and all that Lia had to go on line for them. Later, Tina and Lia had several matches of speed. It was fun. Thank you Tina for picking us up and bringing us home at 1 or 2 in the morning. =)
It's a sunday and there isnt much to do really. The only productive I did was make brownies. My mom treated me to a i-have-been-dying-to-get-one-masahe tonight. The masahista forget the time and did me for two hours. My poor mom had to get another one from another company. It was soooooooo good. She was saying that my muscles were really tight and "puro hangin". I should have gone straight to bed but since I had to travel to my monther's room down the hall, I was awake once again. Thus, blogging at 3 in the morning. Hehehe.
I ended up browsing through old Real Living magazines and catching another Ethan Hawke and July Deply movie, Before Sunset. Oh well, thinking of someone again who was given the nickname Gary by my neighbor. In time Bettina, in time. Dang it's 3:23 am. Better get going before I hear my father walking up and down the stairs for his morning exercise. Til next time... life goes on.

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