Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yes, in terms of making my own money or working for it, I am guilty. I greatly depend on my mother for everything. I live with my parents, my mom provides everything for my son and I. For more than a year now, I have not received allowance unlike before. My mom and I made an arrangement regarding this. Anything that a purchase for myself I must use a certain credit card which I must pay for when the bill arrives. Anything that is needed for the house, be it a loaf of bread or a can of oil, is made with another card. Medicines, PT and OT charges goes with that as well. But it does not mean that I don't do anything. I am actually very busy given the pace I have to work with. Eversince my brain operation, I have had a "daily" schedule which incorporates my physical therapy, occupational therapy, horseback riding, and of course the activities of my son as well. For a couple of months, I was cooking our daily dinner until, we found a cook. I do the monthly groceries and errands when asked. Lately, after my father's hospitalization, I have been doing little shopping for him including his medicines.
Luis having gazillion activities tires me out too. Not to mention my BP that erratic once again. Getting orders from my cardiologist to slow down or not to get too hyped up. In fact I was given hypertention medications again. The thing is, my mom has already brought up the word "WORK" in one of her sporadic phone calls. She has suggested that I work in a call-center or something. Hmm... Should i? What about my son's daily activities? School will be starting soon. BP ALERT! BP ALERT!

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