Friday, May 26, 2006

...05222005 to 05262006...

Monday: The zipper of my riding boot(R) broke thus, I couldn't ride. I was all dressed up and bandaged and all set to go. Still had to go anyway because Luis still had football. I just hung around the stables (bullring) and watched T. Marivic's class. Two were the Lorenzos (from the huge clan of 11 children) and the others were new students.

Tuesday: I had PT at 1pm and finished at 3. It was a fuuny site because Pappy was having his PT too. Since Luis would be home alone, I decided to bring him along despite my mother's spite. Because of my dad's falling and hitting his head, he was scheduled for anoter CT Scan. There was playgroup and "cooking demo" in Dedet's house at 4. However, poor June had to do almost all. Hehehe.. But as always, great food. great company, geat kids.

Wednesday: Hanna and I were suppose to watch The Da Vinci Code in the morning but she texted and said that she had important matters to attend to. Then, I completely forgot that I had an interview for a magazine in the afternoon. Hahaha. The usual subject matter for a FUN FEARLESS FEMALE. (hint hint out this August 2006). Luis had football at 4. Dedet invited Luis and I to go to Fontana... hmmm...

Thursday: Ohmigod. We really went. Spur of the moment type of thing with no preparations whatsoever. Dedets calls me up at 9pm yesterday and says that we were "tuloy".


Friday: It was Luis' graduation from football or the summer program. 2 week vacation. Tito Raymond M. was there watching his grand daughter Ari.

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