Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yes, it has been awhile. Busy busy bee. Pappy was discharged from the hospital Thursday, May 4. They found blood in the brain which is an indication of a stroke. Yes, my dad had a mild stroke. But manageable with oral medication. My dad asked the houseboy from the province to come over to care for my dad. My dad shouldnt be left alone for the reason that he might fall again. That same day, Mattia, Luis' cousin came over to play with Luis. They were a riot but funny.

Friday: Went to Mercury Drugstore in the morning to buy Pappy's medicines. Went to the grocery to buy his Kraft Cheese in the can that he has been craving for. Tito Teddy passed by too and brought yummy food. I'm so happy that Tito Teddy passes by and checks on my dad. At this point in time, my dad is so bored already. There was a play group in Lyka's house that turned into a night swimming party. The kids had so much fun!!! I myself wnted to jump in. Lori did jump in because she thought that Borte, one of the kids, was drowing. I was shocked but laughing the the same time at Lori's instincts!!! Great job Lori.... It was the usual food food food galore! I made pizzas.

Saturday & Sunday: My mom bought Luis a Monopoly set and of course you can guess what Luis and I ended up doing the rest of the weekend. Pappy went swimming in my lola's house but later that night, he was back in the ER because of fever. My friend Tim was leaving for SFO. I didnt get to see him or talk to him. Just a few SMS messages saying that we would just catch up "on-line". Congrats Tim.... good luck with your wedding.

Monday & Tuesday: It has been a fixed insription in my planner that Monday's are my riding days and Luis his soccer days. I didnt ride that Monday because someone decided to visit me in the middle of the night. Yup, the infamous George. I needed to get away from the house. So I brought Luis to his soccer practice and hag around the bullring with Tita Marivic. She had a full class and it's a good thing that I didnt ride too. It would have been more like a can of sardines. It has been so hot. Hot headed, having george, tempers flying....i need more than a free day I need a trip!! (hint hint nudge nudge). Later that night I was informed by a friend that she was able to get a visa for her son and his nanny. Yahoo.... Tuesday was the usual...yes PT grind.

Wednesday: I just stayed home because my headaches were a killer. Spent the whole day watching CSI. Luis had his soccer and guess what, my dad was confined again!! 3rd time!!

Thursday: Had my OT/PT regimen, visited Pappy in the hospital, had an appointment with my cardiologist regarding my elevating blood pressure, went to Cash & Carry (grocery) and back to my reruns of CSI marathon. Kapoy man guid.

Friday: Spent most of the afternoon in te hospital with Pappy and Luis. Tita Carmen and Tita Chi visited too. Just waited for Mommy to pick us up. Brewing phone calls of whatsherface. Ugh!!! Visited Jennie's baby in the nursery and bumped into Jennie's husband and MIL. Gorgeous gorgeous Gus!! Rainy rainy day.... rain = ER. You know who you are. Sigh.... Had dinner in Luk Yuen with Mommy and Luis. Discussed the other other whatsherface. Dang!! Food was good though!

The Manila Cup tournament was postponed due to rains and typhoon signals. So was the Flores de Mayo parade where Luis was asked to join.

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