Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It has been a while since I last spent time with my girlfriends. Cara and Adiel were busy touring the States and receiving awards from notable foreign bodies or just family down time. Ianne, ever busy editor in chief of one of the leading woman's magazine in the country, sad to say couldn't join is. Janlo with the 'doesnt look like she gave birth bod", Monica and Margie and myself... same old same old. We decided in having dinner in El Comedor. The food was fantabulous. Since it was Margie's birthday in a few hours and was alone (hubby out of the country) we decided to hang out in her place and watch CSI:New York with chatting in between commercials of the latest chisims! Love you all!!!! Happy Birthday Margie!

Stuffed and tipsy with Sangria! hehehe

yummy hot fudge sundae!

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