Monday, April 24, 2006

The past few weeks my dad has become irritating. He has been snapping away at everyone. He hasnt snapped at me yet though. Yesterday was when I really felt it. I was informed about a family dinner or birthday celebration. My mom is the one who usually tells us about it. I found out through a cousin. Well, my mom went by herself and told me last minute about it. She knows very well that I have to be informed at least 2 hours before. Anyway, she left and that left me with my dad. To him everything is lousy. The food is lousy. The new cable installed is lousy. He even told Luis to shut up. Luis even said to him that that was bad. I might just snap back at my dad and they all know that I am not scared of him. Ok ok I know he is sick but he has no right to treat people the way he does. The poor labandera got shouted at only because his pants were in my moms closet. Geez. Found out later that she cried. TV is too loud, cars that pass by are too loud, cant honk your horn, cant do this and cant do that. Plus the fact that my mom is always out im sure gets him irritated too. Then it goes back to what HE did. Remember, he has two children with another woman, who i had a very bad experience with while I was pregnant, causing my parents to later separate but they are back together now, my mom doing as she pleases eversince that incident. So in my eyes, he brought all this upon himself. I still wonder if he told my grandmother that he has two other kids with another woman, im sure he cant forgive himself for that. Of course, Mama knows all this now. Last Saturday, my dad started to cry when we visited my grandparents in church. Well, now my dad is suffering with all his illnesses. I know many of my relatives, especially my dads side, will be in schock if they know what I have said. But I really dont care. Im not scared to say and show what I feel or think. It's up to them how they will take it.
Now, I want to stay home and rest because I have this headache. At the same time, I dont want to be home when my dad gets home. Luis will have football at 4 and will not be back til 6 or 7. Haay.

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