Wednesday, April 19, 2006

...What a DAY...
Yes it was a very tiring day today... I guess i am just not used to it. I'm pretty pooped now. Ill more write tomorrow! Back in action...hehehe.
Easter Sunday, what was left of our clan decided to have brunch in Pancake House. It was pleasant and different. Despite my grandmother not being with us physically, it was more than certain that her spirit was with us. Like what Bishop Chito Tagle said, "she is in each and everyone of us." Of course we were all stuffed with all the food we turns out that my mom treated because she says that she wont be here for here birthday and decided to make it her birthday treat. Thanks MOM!
This same day, one of our many yayas was scheduled to leave. Actually she was more the yaya of our dog, Hunter. Hehehe... There were times were they looked alike. hahaha! She had to leave because her father wanted all his children in the province with him.
It's only wednesday and yet it feels like I have been "working" all week. Since Luis has all these activities, I have to make sure that everything is ready and set. In the morning I had to go to the bank because my atm got demagnitized. I had to get a new one. I decided to pick up Luis from his art class where I met one of his teachers, Teacher William. He was so thrilled to have met me because his sister went through the same brain operation as I have. It feels good to be able to share with other people my experiences and they being touched by it.
That afternoon, I also went riding and joined Tita Marivic's class and did alot of drills and exercises. Fun and tiring. Waited for Luis to finish his football too. Got new uniforms...
Tuesday : I had to go back to the bank to get my new atm card. I had to rush to PT and made sure that I was done by 2:00 pm because Luis had Cooking Class at 2:30. Rushed again to my lolas house which only a street away from Cooking class, to get dressed for my nieces' 2nd birthday party. It was a swimming party and all the cousins had so much fun! Click here to see the pictures!
Wednesday: My Pappy left for Legaspi City early this morning to check some developements in the farm. He says he will be back on Friday. Luis had artclass again in the morning from 9 to 12nn. He had football/soccer at 4pm this time in the main Polo Field. Had merienda with Dre, Janlo, and the kids. Janlo is going to pop anytime now! But she still wears the same jeans! After soccer, Luis wanted to I let him since we had a different driver with us which meant no hurries! Watched American Idol (this will be different entry hehe), Grey's Anatomy, and the other programs before and's like a can catch the same program in that same night!! TWICE! Finally we have a NEW COOK!!! Yahoo!!!!

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