Friday, March 24, 2006


Not that I have anything very relevant to share. Hahaha. One last day of school for my son and it's summer vacation!! Yahoo!! According to Luis, he wants Art Class that is held very near by. He wants Cooking class with the same group he had the year before. And of course, his Football. I guess he planned his own summer by himself.
I finally went RIDING Monday. My horse has been tripping and making me lose my balance more often than not. After the VET's diagnosis, blood tests, and all, Jive is a-ok. She is just lazy! hahaha! I wonder who she takes after? Jive is gaining more weight now which is actually a good sign. She is rounder and a pleasure to sit on. Luis rode a few rounds too, promising me that he would use the new and bigger helmet my parents brought for him. Again, no matter what, riding is something that I will always come back to forever. Haha.
Our labandera comes up to my mom and says that the IRON is broken. Of course, my mom turns to me and makes me buy not just one but two irons! Thus, another trip to good ole SM! This time no time to loiter ariund and find yummy stuff forI had to rush home and cook dinner.
It has been a month or so that we don't have a COOK becauseI fired her. So I have been doing the cooking which I dont mind at all. In fact during the time that cook was here, I would hardly set foot in the kitchen because my blood would boil just at the site of her. Haha. Well she is gone now. Good. Everyone is happy and helpful. Since, I'm cooking for my parents and son, I ask them the night before what they would want to have the following day. It;s actually very simple. I really enjoy it. At least it keeps me busy. Oh well... til next time, life goes on. tata

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