Thursday, December 15, 2005

Busy busy day!!! Jumped out of bed this morning making sure that Luis was all ready for his fieldtrip to Laguna. Well, as expected, the yaya put his water and juice in his bag making his extra clothes damp. Ugh!! I told her the night before that I would be the one to prepare his bag. Haay! Oh well, since it was raining I packed Luis' rain gear just in case. Then off to school he went. I on the other hand was worried about a shipment that was suppose to arrive on the 2nd flight from Cagayan de Oro. I called the Cargo department checking the ETA. 2 to 2:30 pm. Ok good. Making sure that Janlo would be able to pick it up on time. Last minute orders, packing, sales slips and the deliveries to be done. All good all good. Then I get call from Luis' school saying that the bus will not be arriving until 1:30pm. So, semi-panic mode... because my yaya was suppose to pick up Luis at 12. Come to PT where I was, then Ill get our lunch (30 to 40 pesos...complete meal..hehe). That didn't happen. My uber kind therapists realizing that I was alone, bought me lunch. Aren't they the best??! Luis did not arrive until 2 pm which means that I would be done in 30 mins right? That means that the car could pick up my mom in time right? She wanted to be picked up at 3pm... Anyway, my mom rattles on about Luis going to the hospital blah blah where he could have been picked up and gone home...TIME?? TIME MOM?! Then she will get mad because the car is late...really many times I cannot understand my mom...she always, always, UNDERESTIMATES me. Then when I DO BLOW UP, she wonders where I get that attitude...HELLO?? Yeah yeah yeah...she has alot on her mind...just let her rattle on if she wants...Don't make her "contra" anymore...Believe me, I am learning to just shut her off when she does get into those moods. Just turn around and walk away. Hay... then WHO AM I to question ANY of her ACTIONS?? I live under her roof, she feeds me, she feeds my son, heck she feeds my whole family and our overdose of household help. Ok ok ill shut up. HA!

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