Sunday, December 04, 2005

...Margie's Bridal Shower...
My brother dropped me off at Monica's place. When I get there, Mon, Chyll, Trixo, and Choochoo were there already. Janlo followed soon after. While waiting for the bride to be, just among 6 of us, we finished 2 trays of cold cuts c/o Trixo...hahaha! It was only after an hour or so that the party started to materialize. Nothing will beat Ms. Monica Geller (Monica Llamas) officiating of games with a matching Powerpoint presentation and her iBook. Hahaha! What the hell is a Golden Shower?? I missed that answer in Taboo. The games were hilarious. It was definitely fun! It was a long night too... got home at 4am! Hope you had a gret time Marg =).

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