Tuesday, December 13, 2005


This morning Luis and were in bed taking our sweet time, hugging and kissing, and sharing stories. But it was time to get ready and have breakfast before 7:30am. Since Luis is more agile than I am, he ran to his room to have breakfast which was waiting for him already. I get to his room and guess what?!!!!! He was eating breakfast NAKED!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy did I blow my top! I got him out of the chair while having his breakfast and made him take a bath. I started shouting at him and telling him that you are not suppose to do that... who the hell ever taught him how to do that??!!! The thing is the yaya (temp one) just allowed him without saying anything, then again I cant blame that yaya because what does she know? Well NOW she knows after I blew my top. I was so MAD that I told Luis that because of what he did, he is will not be able to give gifts to his classmates for exchange gift. All the parties that he has lined up his momma will not get any presents. Sorry... I know how much giving to his classmates mean to him, so I'm taking that away for him to learn. Until he knows what foolishness he made, I will NOT let him get away with it. Am I being too hard on him?? Maybe yes. But HE HAS TO REALIZE that what he did WAS A BIG No no.... HAAAAAY! The perils of PARENTHOOD!

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