Saturday, November 26, 2005


Yesterday, I was not feeling well at all. I was weak and my head what throbbing. George was just too strong and flowing like anything. My intentions were to stay home and rest and watch my geezerville movies that I have not seen in a long time (Pretty Woman, Gladiator, The American President). But the maid barges into my room telling me that she needs money for the weekly market, petty cash, and my brother's allowance. Argh!! I had to get dressed and all. Luis had just gotten back from school when Cathy calls him up and invites Luis to play in her house. So I drop of Luis to find out that there was another impromptu party for Cathy's classmates. Ah good, I can leave Luis there while I strangle the ATM all the way in the main branch! Lori, Cathy's mom, had the CSA parents there too. As always, food galore. Thank God because I had forgotten to eat the whole day again... Sharing here and there, two daddies, three mommies all chatting away. Then Lori brings out wine!! Ahhhhhh!!! Every weekend I am drinking!! Not good not good! It was nice and all the kids had fun until 8 pm... Cathy did not want Luis to leave yet so Lori and I kicked off our shoes and chatted away until 1030pm... i'm glad i decided to go.

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