Monday, September 12, 2005

TAHO!! (Soybean curd)

Ever since I can remember, Manong Taho, has been honking his horn each morning passing each street in the village shouting out "TAAAHOO!". There was a time where it has become a standard procedure for the yayas to get me a BIG glass of taho. No syrup. Just the soybean curd and the sago. I wanted it cold too. Why? Believe it or not, taho was my constant craving for the first trimester of my pregnancy. If it wasn't taho, it had to be puto, or siopao bread. Anything white.... lots and lots of milk, yakult, icing, anything white....and the champion, uncooked lumpia wrapper. Come to think of it, they were all healthy. It was only in my last trimester where the bad stuff came in... CHOCOLAIT! It had to be the 250ml tetra pack or I wouldn't touch it. Up to this day, Manong Taho tells his clients that the little boy running around the park or playing in the streets is a product of his mother's craving for his taho. (According to my neighbor, Manong Taho, used to be really good looking. Enough to be a movie star! hehe)

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